Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 recap

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Eve. But thinking back on the year that has passed, tends to make me feel better about it all. So I thought I should try to summarize how blogging, as well as my life, as been this year.

First of all, I blogged less during 2012 than during 2011 and 2012, but 129 posts during a year is not so bad I think. But I blame the fact that I blogged less on the fact that I went on 3 rather long trips, so I was actually enjoying myself when I didn't blog. So the reasons were nice!

I went to several places I had never been before during the year, including on my honeymoon, which was wonderful. I also got into a better place financially, professionally and in many other ways than the year before, so I saw a lot of positive changes during the year. So it was a pretty good year for me, I guess!

Here are some photos I took during the year:

I also shopped quite a lot during the year, and shared some of my buys with you readers. Here are some examples:

The post that were read the most on this blog during the year were:
A post about a quote I liked
A post about floral wedge boots
A post about how I looked for brides maid's dresses
A post about skinny jeans with dots (I still love those!)
A post about how I was obsessed with neon pink in the beginning of 2012.

Most people who came to the blog using search engines, like Google, actually looked for "Chanel jacket" (I guess I've blogged about that too, at some point?), and I had readers from all over the world, which is really fun. So hi to everyone reading this in India, the Netherlands, Australia and France, for instance! (But most of my readers are from the US, so hi to all you guys, and everyone else, as well!)

While 2012 was fun, I have high hopes 2013 will be even better, and I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful 2013 as well! Happy New Year everyone! I am off to a party now! Cheers!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... this rather old, but at the same time timeless casino shoot by BJ Pasqual, with Jessica Yang. And I don't even gamble!

But there is just something so nice about a very specific setting like this, and casinos have always seemed kind of glamorous to me. Probably because I never visit them!

(pics from Fashionize Haus)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy holidays!

I hope all my readers are having an amazing and relaxing time with their loved ones. Enjoy!
(pic from Pinterest)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Today I'm loving...

Bar Refaeli's campaign for Escada. She looks gorgeous, and the photos turned out so pretty!

So while it feels kind of weird to be looking at super summery photos in the middle of the holiday season, I think these are definitely a hit!

(pics from Just Jared and Bliss Bubbley)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... the style of Joan Smalls, and by that I mean her private style of course. Of course it helps to be a super model when you get dressed, but she really has a knack for putting together amazing outfits, usually with one show stopping piece, and then something gorgeous, but understated with it. The result is really impressive, and I really think some of these looks can be recreated with high street items too, which is wonderful.

Here are some of my favorite Joan Smalls outfits:

Definitely a new style icon (well, for me anyway, I don't keep that much track of what models wear during their time off usually) to keep an eye on!

(pics from Alta Mira NYC, Glamour, Vogue, DJ Premium and Wayne Tippetts)

Shopped: New shoes

Ok, so the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia heels weren't for me, but like I mentioned when I noticed that the ASOS sale had started, I will probably be getting quite a few things from there. So it came as no surprise that I decided to order two pair of basic, but useful shoes just now.

One of the pairs I got was some high top studded trainers (because I already have a similar pair that I have been wearing to death when I need trainers for some reason, and I started being bored by always wearing the same pair) with studs and some shiny side panels:

And a pair of comfy looking heels with colorful studs:

Perfect for work, because I work long hours so I can't wear the prettiest and thinnest heels while working. And something that is kind of low and wide heelwise AND cute is really hard to find, so whenever I run into something that could work, I need to get them.

Both of these pairs are from ASOS' own brand. I have some ASOS shoes previously, and I've been very happy with them, so I'm thinking I will like these too. Fingers crossed!

And let's see what more the sale will bring me, when I have some time to spare....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... these gorgeous Charlotte Olympia (what a great brand, by the way!) Love Me heart appliqued heels.

I love the colors, as well as the romantic, yet sleep look of these, and think they would look great with a bunch of different outfits. The only thing that prevents me from actually getting these (besides the rather high price, of course) is that I'm not sure how comfortable Charlotte Olympia heels are. I'm no master at high heels (and these look pretty high!) and often find a lot of heels uncomfortable for longer wear, so I always need to try any new shoe brand carefully before a purchase. And as far as I know, there is no place near me where I can try on Charlotte Olympia heels. So at the moment, I think I will need to pass on these, for that reason. But they are stunning!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The ASOS sale is on!

And while I really should not be shopping too much at the moment (like everyone, I've been spending quite a lot of money this time of year, and I also should be saving for some serious shopping I intend to do during an upcoming trip in February), it's hard to resist when I see items I've been eyeing for quite some time heavily discounted.

So I do think I will be picking up quite some items before the sale is over. So far, I've only splurged on some Freya (one of my favorite brands for lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear!) Piper items, such as this sleep set:
And this lingerie set:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another great Christmas gift for a fashionista

I've suggested some suitable Christmas gifts for fashionistas already (see this, this and this, for instance) but here is another tip if you are shopping for someone who is really into fashion:
A set of 6 Russian dolls by Lanvin

I've always loved Russian dolls, and I even have 2 sets at home. But none of them are fashion themed, so this would make a great addition to my collection. But I think it is an amazing present even if someone doesn't have any Russian dolls already, to be honest.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shopped: Hounds tooth patterned cardigan and flats

I've loved hounds tooth patterns for years, I've always found hounds tooth to be one of the most classic patterns out there, since it goes in and out of fashion on a regular basis. But even when hounds tooth is not "in", you can always be sure it ill be super fashionably soon again, which is why I think hounds tooth patterns are always a good investment.

But the advantage of hounds tooth being trendy is of course that it's easier to find new pieces to buy. So I'm thrilled everyone is so into hounds tooth right now. It meant I could get these hounds tooth patterned skinnies a while ago (I have gotten so many compliments for these, by the way!) and two new purchases that I just made today, over at ModCloth.

The first one was a hounds tooth patterned cardigan, with some cool rose details. (I love those, they keep the cardigan from being too boring and predictable, I think)

And I also got a pair of hounds tooth patterned flats. Always a good investment, but I haven't been able to find a pair I really, really like until now.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... these absolutely adorable Moschino Cheap and Chic gloves with little hearts on them:
For some reason, I have been really drawn to hearts lately (I got a sweater with a big heart on each side of it the other day, for instance), and I actually need a pair of gloves right now. (I think I have some gloves somewhere, but I can't seem to find them, and I have an upcoming winter holiday planned)

So I'm really considering getting these, they are awfully cute, after all!

Online store reviews: ASOS and why I love shopping there

As you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of online shopping, and have been for years, for several different reasons: First of all, I work long hours, which leaves little time for IRL shopping, except during the weekends, when I tend to have tons of other things to do anyway, so shopping then rarely gets done either, unless I made plans well in advance for it.

But despite having little time for shopping, I still think - always have - that it is important to look through new items in your favorite stores often if you want to get the best things, since the best stuff generally sells out fast (or does that just happen to me?). When I had more time on my hands, and worked very close to my favorite stores, that meant I went into the stores I liked 2 a week or so, for a quick browse, but I simply cannot do that anymore, which means I always find only the stuff no-one else wanted when I go shopping now (in weird sizes too!).

Except online. There shopping can still be done the way I like it: Quickly, whenever you have the time, and without any pressure to buy something immediately. So it's really a savior for me, it makes it possible for me to keep up with the latest trends, renew my wardrobe on a regular basis and so on.
I also live in a country where most people don't shop online, at least not in foreign online stores, so by shopping online, I make sure I have things I won't run into others wearing. (Not that I actually mind that much if others have the same things as me, but it's hard to get tons and tons of compliments daily that way. But being original gets you lots!)
So that's an added bonus for me.

One of my absolute favorite stores when it comes to online shopping is ASOS. I have been shopping there for years (I don't remember how many years exactly, but I would say for at least 6 or 7 years maybe?), and still continue to do so, which you may already have noticed if you are a regular reader of this blog. Some of my most recent ASOS buys were these and this, for instance.
The main reason I love ASOS is that they have everything: from clothes to gorgeous lingerie, to beauty products, shoes and other accessories. And they sell quite a lot of nice brands, too! Lulu Guinness, Armani, Freya, Fantasie (two of my favorite brands for lingerie!), Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and many other designers can all be found here, but ASOS' own brand makes very nice, on trend pieces too.

Being able to get everything from one single place helps a lot, since sometimes I'm in the mood for basics, something I want something from a brand I love... I don't always shop for the same things basically.

A great thing about ASOS is also that they offer free shipping worldwide, which is just amazing. I think it is one of the main reasons I always check ASOS first when I need something, because a lot of similar stores charge a lot for shipping, unless you live in the same country where the store is located. So if you think you spend too much on shipping charges alone when shopping online, ASOS is probably a good choice for you!

I've also never had any kind of issues with the deliveries. I get what I order pretty fast, and they pack everything really well, so no matter if you order beauty products or something that is more fragile, you will get what you ordered in perfect condition.
Another great thing about ASOS is that they have sales, special deal, discounts and other deals that mean you can buy a lot of the stuff cheaper on a regular basis. So you should always look for a ASOS discount code before you send in an order (there are quite a few websites that list ASOS coupon codes out there), and it may be worth signing up for their newsletter (through the regular site) just in order to keep an eye out for their discounts and the ASOS sale, that comes up every once in a while. (depending on where you live, all ASOS discount codes might not be available for you though, some are specific for the US, UK, Australia and so on)

So I very highly recommend ASOS in every way. I obviously would not be such a loyal customer there if I didn't love what they're doing!

(images from VVV, The CMA, Sync Blog and I am the Coffee Chic)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things I've been hearting lately

I'm talking over at We Heart It, of course. It seems I'm quite obsessed with this site lately!

Have an amazing weekend everybody!

(all images are from We Heart It)