Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... this limited edition Christian Dior snow globe.
I mean, remember how I mentioned that I loved the Lanvin figurine I showed you guys the other day? Well, I still think this is a great present for any fashionista who has it all, or merely prefers to choose her own fashion items, but this Dior snow globe might be even better!

The look shown in the snow globe is of course the iconic New Look, that first came out in 1947 and made Christian Dior a legend all over the world. Something worth remembering, for sure. And what better way to do that, than to put it into a snow globe?

I seriously think I need to start collecting fashion themed figurines and snow globes, there are just so many cute ones out there these days it seems!


  1. beautiful!!!

  2. I love this snow globe, a few months ago someone was selling their LV snowglobe on bag borrow steal, I think the price was like $700