Saturday, November 3, 2012

Redecoration project

On a regular basis, I feel the need to redo parts of my home, and fall is generally a good time for that, since you suddenly spend so much more time at home, so you automatically notice all the things that bother you. So along with spring, fall is the most common time for all my remodeling projects. This fall I have decided to redo my living room, my old couch suddenly seems so boring and my Lazy Boy lounge chair has also gotten way too worn out, so it is definitely time to get a replacement for that one too.
Besides replacing those things, I have also decided to get some new art to add to the walls. I actually only have one big framed poster (a gift from a friend) on my living room walls right now. So I think some new posters in similar frames would be a good choice when it comes to new art to get. At the moment, I am looking at an online store called ArtStar, who sell framed posters for great prices, so I am hoping to find something cool there. Or maybe Etsy is a good choice too? They do have posters and art there too, don't they?
A dream of mine would also be to frame old covers from fashion magazines, from say the 1940's, 1950's or 1960's, but I highly doubt that my other half would be too happy about that, at least in the living room, so that project will have to wait until I have an office of my own or something.

(all the images in the post are posters sold by ArtStar)

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