Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two of my own snapshots from the hotel I went to today

Yep, that is indeed the cabinet the wine I drank today came from!

Great weekend so far!

Some weekends are just way more memorable than others. This weekend seems to be one of the more memorable ones in a while for me.

It all started yesterday, when I went to a fun, fantastic bachelorette party where I ate well, drank tons of cava (yum!) and laughed until my stomach hurt.
Then the weekend continued with a fun and charming event at a really cool hotel in my home town that I had never visited before.

I ate well again, had some fantastic wine again, and laughed again.
Now I think I need a detox!

(pics from Brides Magazine, IsraelGuest, Orbitz, Holiday Check and Please take me to)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christopher Kane does it again

Lately, I have really been into Christopher Kane's pieces. Which is kind of weird, because I haven't been that much of a fan before and usually I don't change my mind completely when it comes to designers. But I got a very Christopher Kane inspired bag recently, and now I am sitting here, wondering if I should get this Rainbow lace-print stretch-jersey tank dress, also by Christopher Kane:

I really think his rainbow pieces in general turn out really cute. So I think it is time to add some actual Christopher Kane pieces (as opposed to only inspired pieces) to my wardrobe soon! The real thing is always better, after all.

Today I'm loving....

this cool shot from the latest Pinko campaign featuring Naomi Campbell. She looks stunning and I love it that they made this in black and white.
(pic from Catwalkqueen)

Thought of the day

(pic from Swaussie)

Another thing you don't really think of

Regarding cruises, is that you really need to be in good shape in every possible way when you go on one. I mean, you are going to be exposing so much of yourself, for such a large part of the day, every day. So today I made tons of appointments for all kinds of beauty treatments, in order to have a chance to look good when I go.

So even though I don't really do a lot of these treatments during the winter normally, a at home pedicure and manicure simply won't do this time.

But even though this cruise is ending up costing me so much before I even go, I have to say it's kind of nice to get into the holiday mood by pampering and prepping yourself in advance. So I see it as a positive thing after all!

At the moment...

I still can't seem to stop obsessing about cruise wear.
I think there is a real danger I will end up with way too many tunics, bathing suits and so on way before I even go on my cruise!
But I keep telling myself that you can wear tunics, like this one from Island Importer, as clothes after the cruise as well. So it's really not such a bad thing. Right?

And in the worst case, I guess I can always go on another cruise just to get to wear the extra stuff I bought, in case I don't end up using it all. Not a very bad option either, when you think about it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Purchase of the day: ASOS clutch

I really needed a fun clutch for a special event I am attending in a bit over a month (I already have the outfit picked out, but needed to add a splash of color with a bag in order to not make the whole thing look too boring and plain) so I was thrilled to find this cute laser cut clutch bag over at ASOS:

And to make things better, ASOS also had a special promo code for today (SHOP20, if you want to try it), that gave me 20 % off on it.

If you want to read more about the clutch and why I think it resembles some clutches designed by Christopher Kane, I wrote a post about exactly that over at my other blog Passion for handbags.

And after all this planning and shopping, it is time to cuddle with my husband and dogs while I watch a movie! So glad the weekend is here!

Thought of the day

Wishing all my readers a great weekend!
I am off to plan a batchelorette party myself.

(pic from Anna)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today I'm loving...

this adorable shot of Coco Rocha with her adorable dog from the Longchamp Spring 2012 campaign.
Dogs make great models, too, don't you think?
(pic from Catwalkqueen)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I really want for the holidays

A Lanvin Paris snow globe. So adorable!

Sadly, the Lanvin online store does not ship to where I live, however, otherwise I would totally have ordered this by now.

So if anyone knows where I can get it except on the Lanvin website, please let me know!

(pic from Noir Pur)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last minute Christmas presents for the fashionista

If you are shopping for Christmas presents for anyone interested in fashion, you can actually get some pretty cool things without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions:

Adorable Pucci bangle with the typical Pucci print. Perfect for anyone who likes quirky designs and fun colors. Available at My Theresa, for €169.00.

Striped socks from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. Great for anyone who loves this colorful French designer. Available at ASOS, for £50.00 (they are on sale!).

Fun gloves from Love Moschino. There are several fun pairs to choose from over at ASOS.

Cute purses by Lulu Guinness, for £55.00. There are several to choose from, and you can find these over at ASOS as well.

Flannel lounge set by DKNY, for £63.00 at ASOS. Sure to keep the reciever warm for a long time.

Studded leather hair clip by Valentino. Very cute and available over at Net-a-Porter.

Needless to say, these are all presents I would absolutely love to get myself.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Today I'm loving...

... this adorable Bastia crochet-knit cardigan by Moschino.

I think these colors are just perfect for the coming spring (of course I tend to wear mint green and turqouise every year myself, so maybe I am not that objective regarding that), and the Missoni stripes makes everything much more fun, including an otherwise pretty basic cardigan.

Fun travel inspired Moschino tshirts

Moschino currently has a whole line of really nice travel inspired Moschino tshirts with prints from London, New York and Paris on them.

I personally love every single one of these tshirts, and if I just wore tshirts more, I would definitely be getting them all. Now I think I'll just settle for one of them. But I haven't decided which one yet.

Currently looking for...

Winter boots. Which might sound easier than what it actually is, especially since I normally like shoes a lot. But somehow, buying bulky, really warm winter shoes is always a problem for me. I guess it is mostly because I prefer smaller and more feminine shoes in general.

But now I really need some super warm boots, like these Winter Boots, or maybe a pair of Uggs?
The advantage of the Shoe Scandal shoes compared to Uggs is however that they are a lot cheaper, which suits me just fine, since I only wear winter shoes for a few weeks a year. So spending a lot of money on winter boots doesn't really make a lot of sense from that point of view. (Don't get me wrong, I think spending a lot on shoes is completely okay if it is shoes you will be wearing a lot, but I've never really understood buying crazy expensive rain boots and other shoes you tend to wear very rarely)

But cheaper doesn't have to mean worse in any way, at least not in this case, since I know several people who have these boots, and they say they are both comfortable, stylish and durable in real life.
Ideally, I want a pair of tall boots to wear for work (so they can't be very casual) and one pair of more casual boots for weekends, morning walks with the dogs etc.

The hunt is on!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today I’m loving…

How Kate Middleton “dressed down” to go see Gary Barlow perform the other day, in an adorable Zara dress. Seeing celebrities, no less royalty, wearing high street stuff is always so refreshing, it just shows you how good the high street chains are these days!
(pic from Catwalkqueen)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Today I'm loving...

... these cute Giuseppe Zanotti Color-block patent-leather sandals. They instantly make me smile!

And I happen to love all the colors featured. Plus, you have to love how well they work together!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hawaiian print dress from Stella McCartney's Cruise 2012 collection

I think it is because my upcoming cruise is fast approaching, but I have really been obsessed with cruise wear lately. One of my favorite pieces right now is this gorgeous Hawaii print silk dress by Stella McCartney, from her Cruise 2012 collection.
The only problem with designer cruise wear is that it is a bit expensive and at least I have problem wearing these kinds of pieces very often in my every day life. Otherwise I would definitely be getting more of these pieces!
(as for my own cruise wear, I am planning a post on that, so look out for that in a few days if you are interested)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today I'm loving...

these gorgeous photos by Tim Walker. Aren't they just stunning? And there are so many interesting details to look at!

(the pics are all from Elsa's blog)