Friday, October 25, 2013

Shopped, at ASOS again

Ok, so I know my last post was about stuff I shopped over at ASOS, on their sale. But as a matter of fact, I have been shopping on this site again, only at regular prices this time.

You see, I spotted this really cute white sparkly scarf by New Look, and felt I had to have it. Because yeah, I have a lot of scarves, but only two other white ones; an amazing Alexander McQueen skull scarf and a small (too small to wear very often) Dior scarf, so a cheapie white scarf is a great addition to my collection I would say.

I am also really into brown and tan accessories this season for some reason. It's quite unusual for me, as I generally don't like brown too much (it's a color that looks really bad on me if I wear it in clothes, so I think that's why), but suddenly I have started thinking that brown accessories can be really nice, simple and timeless. So I decided to start off with this bag, and I am planning to get a matching belt and shoes as well. But so far I only got this bag from River Island:

Let's hope my next post won't be ASOS shopping related. But given how much I like this site, I can't promise anything...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Shopped at the ASOS sale

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may be aware of how big of a fan I am of ASOS in general (it's fair to say that I shop there on a regular basis) and of their sales in particular (I always seem to buy quite a lot of things when they have a sale), so it's really no wonder that I have once again managed to find quite a lot of things in their sale. What I got was:
- A pair of pastel green Pieces studded trainers.
I just love this color!

- A Becksondergaard C-Starry Sky Scarf.
I fell in love with the pattern on this scarf, to be honest.
And I was in need of a black scarf to add to my ever growing scarf collection anyway. Plus, it's always nice to get acquainted with new brands, and I have no previous experience with Becksondergaard, so it will be nice to get to know this brand a bit, quite a lot of their other scarves look really nice too.

- A lace print scarf from New Look.
I have always loved lace, and love anything in lace or that looks like lace, so I think it is about time I get a lace scarf too. The pattern seems pretty.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today I'm loving...

Isabel Marant's absolutely amazing studded Jayna jacket.

I definitely think this has to be one of the most gorgeous and unique jackets I've seen in a really, really long time!

And since I've also spotted quite a few other Isabel Marant pieces I really liked lately, I am starting to think that I should get better acquainted with this brand...

Shopped: More Derriere La Porte items

So while I am not in Paris, the Mekka of the brand Derriere La Porte that I just live, anymore, I can still get some stuff online from this brand, which is just what I did after having organized my closet a bit for winter. I noticed I had some gaps when it came to organization in my closet, but luckily Derriere La Porte always seems to have just the stuff I need to help out. This time it was:

A storage box for swimwear
I don't have huge amounts of swimwear, I have to admit, but I do have enough to fill this box. So that's just what I will do!

A storage box for socks

I live in a country where it is not really necessary to wear socks all year round (it's simply way too hot for it during the summer!), so it will be really convenient to be able to put the socks away for a large part of the year, I think.

I also got some more scarf boxes (I blogged about those when I got my first ones, here), as well as this cute box to keep souvenirs in.
I don't tend to buy a lot of souvenirs to be honest, but I have some small knick knacks from travels that I think will fit nicely in this box.

I also ordered this cute storage box for pasta:
The reason was that I already have this storage box for spaghetti:
So I basically wanted to have the whole set, so to speak.

I got all of these items from the online store We Are Unique, that ships worldwide. All the images in this post are from their online store too. So if you are a fan of Derriere la Porte like me, I definitely recommend giving their online store a try. They really have a lot of their stuff, from both the older and the newer collections!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My last post with Paris photos

Well until I go back to Paris again, anyway. And I do hope that will be soon, since I really loved Paris, but as I don't have another trip planned, I have no idea when that might be.
 This is a department store. I love how even department stores are glamorous in Paris
 Louis Vuitton display at Galeries Lafayette.
 Another pic from Galeries Lafayette.
The Louvre at night. I definitely recommend going there after dark, it's simply magical!
 Sacre Cour, the most famous sight in Montmartre.
 A beautiful carousel in Montmartre.
 A Longchamp store.
 Yes, you can buy a lot of Italian brands in Paris too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hermes in Paris

Time for some more Paris pics, don't you think? This is what the Hermes store windows in Paris looks like this fall: