Friday, August 31, 2012

Some more shopping done for fall

I've been a fan of houndstooth items for a really long time, and I tend to buy something new in houndstooth almost every season. So it's not that surprising that I loved ASOS' houndstooth jeans, that hit the online store this week.

They are actually available in several different colors, as you can see, but I've always preferred white and black for this pattern, since it is the original color combo after all. So I went for the white pair. But I do think the other colors are really cool too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cute new stuff in at ASOS

I love this time of year. All the stores start getting in their fall items, which is so much fun! One great example is ASOS, where I spotted these adorable items this week;

A denim shirt by Lacoste Live.

I simply love the scallop edges, since they make this shirt so much more interesting and femine than most denim shirts you run into (most of them are rather boring, no?).

Very cute maxi dress with lace details from Mango.

I simply must go to a Mango store to see if this is in stores yet! So pretty, and the lace details make it really interesting and unique too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The new Herve Leger dresses are stunning

The classic Herve Leger dresses are a bit too revealing for me, so I have never been very tempted to get one, even though I think they look amazing on others. But these new styles are absolutely gorgeous, and for the first time ever, I am actually considering getting one.

Just take a look at the Ombre dress

and this flared dress.

They are distinctively Herve Leger, but also completely new and original. Love them!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Great start to the weekend!

The weekend started with some shopping for me this week. Among other things, I went to Mango, who really have amazing items this season.

Pics of the things I got coming up later.

Monday, August 20, 2012

On my wishlist for fall

Are definitely these uber-cool Valentino studded gloves, available in both black and red:

I've always been a huge Valentino-fan, but I also love me a bit of rock-chic, so these gloves would be absolutely perfect for me!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend activity: Yohji Yamamoto exhibition

This weekend I visited the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition over at Design Museum Holon, and while I must admit I have never been a huge Yohji Yamamoto fan (I am more of a traditionally French estethics-type of girl), I started liking him a lot more when I saw some of his iconic pieces in the flesh, as well as all the amazing details and craftsmanship on them.

Here are some of the pieces I saw:
I love the color and the pattern on the skirt!
I really want this jacket, so adorable!
Another amazing skirt.

Nope, Yohji Yamamoto doesn't design Havaianas, but I wanted to be in at least one of the photos as well...

The exhibit will be shown until the 20th of October, I believe, in case anyone else wants to catch it as well.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Started shopping for fall

If you are into fashion and like adding new trends to your wardrobe each season, you probably know by now that it is generally a good idea to start shopping for a new season as soon as the new stuff starts arriving to the stores, because at least all the good stuff tends to sell out pretty fast in the beginning of a season. Which is pretty much now, for the Fall 2012 season.

So I must admit I have already started shopping for the upcoming fall. Today, I ordered two spiked moto jackets from Forever 21, for instance.

I just love the spike details, and leather jackets in general. I actually have several black leather jackets already, but not one in taupe, so that felt like a nice addition to the colors in my wardrobe.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... several dresses from Elie Saab's Haute Couture line for Fall 2012.
Which is really not that surprising, since I always love dresses from all his collections, but still worth mentioning, I think.

Here are some of my favorites:
I love the colors on this dress, the nude is so nice, and the pattern is lovely as well!
Teal is one of my absolute favorite colors, especially for fall, so I love the fact that Elie Saab chooses to use this color as well.
Another adorable dress in teal, with very nice details!
More teal, and another nice detail. All to my liking!
I love the top part of this one, feels different, yet fun.
Great, flattering nude shade, that could easily look rather bland and boring, if it wasn't for the gorgeous details. It's all about details in this collection, I would say!
Yes, 50's style dresses are always in vogue. This fall too! And I love that!

(all the photos are from

Friday, August 3, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... Jessica Biel's teal colored, detailed dress.
People Magazine calls the look "prim and proper", which I guess most people would think means a rather boring look, but I for one don't think that everything needs to be flaunted all the time, even if you have stuff to flaunt (which is definitely the case in Jessica's case, of course). I love this dress and would love to have one just like it myself!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some of my latest online purchases

As many of my readers know, I am a huge fan of ASOS, and since they have both a sale, special deals in honor of the Olympics and special discounts at the moment, I have been shopping quite a bit there lately. Some of the things I've bought during the past weeks over at ASOS are:
A basic dress with a ruched neckline, in both blue and black
A blazer with lovely scalloped edges (I love anything scalloped, as some of you may remember)
A slightly shiny, floral jaquard blazer, perfect for parties!

A loose fit, midi length dress with pockets that I think will come in handy when travelling and relaxing at resorts in September
So I guess you could say I am into knee length dresses and blazers at the moment...