Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend activity: Yohji Yamamoto exhibition

This weekend I visited the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition over at Design Museum Holon, and while I must admit I have never been a huge Yohji Yamamoto fan (I am more of a traditionally French estethics-type of girl), I started liking him a lot more when I saw some of his iconic pieces in the flesh, as well as all the amazing details and craftsmanship on them.

Here are some of the pieces I saw:
I love the color and the pattern on the skirt!
I really want this jacket, so adorable!
Another amazing skirt.

Nope, Yohji Yamamoto doesn't design Havaianas, but I wanted to be in at least one of the photos as well...

The exhibit will be shown until the 20th of October, I believe, in case anyone else wants to catch it as well.


  1. I'm a fan of Yoji Yamamoto and was lucky enough to see some of his designs last year. In fact, the red dress with the mushroom pleating is one of my faves, it's truly beautiful isn't it?