Friday, August 31, 2012

Some more shopping done for fall

I've been a fan of houndstooth items for a really long time, and I tend to buy something new in houndstooth almost every season. So it's not that surprising that I loved ASOS' houndstooth jeans, that hit the online store this week.

They are actually available in several different colors, as you can see, but I've always preferred white and black for this pattern, since it is the original color combo after all. So I went for the white pair. But I do think the other colors are really cool too!


  1. The colored ones are amazing!*
    Can't wait to see you style them!*


  2. Love houndstooth. The first trousers look really good.

  3. Definitely have to go with the white and black combo! The other shades are almost too trendy so doing color AND crazy patterned bottoms might be a bit much.