Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Missoni for Target buy

I decided to get the matching clutch for my new Missoni for Target flats as well. You never know when you are going to need a matching clutch and shoe set, after all!
(pic from Ebay)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Latest buys

I have been a huge Missoni fan for years. But what I love most about Missoni is their iconic zig zag line print in multiple colors, so when I saw that the Missoni for Target-line had several zig zag pieces, I knew I had to get at least a few of them.

And yesterday I bough my first Missoni for Target pieces, these ballet flat shoes:
as well as this cute Ruana cape:
(pics from the Ebay auctions in question)

But I have to say, there are quite a few other pieces in this line that I really like too, so it's not impossible that I will be getting something else too. I just don't think I've seen all the pieces yet. Sadly, not all of them are displayed on the Target website anymore, since they are all sold out. So I have to look through Ebay to find stuff, which basically takes ages.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Buy of the day

I have been a huge fan of Marc Jacobs’ mouse flats for years, but I have never ran into the perfect pair, at the perfect time until now, so I never ended up getting a pair, even though I really wanted one.

So far, my favorite mouse flats are still the really cute grey ones with a pink little nose. But since those are not being sold anymore, I decided to get a black pair instead.

That’s why I ordered these black Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats on ShopBop today.

I literally wear flats daily, except when it rains (it never snows where I live), so investing in high quality flats that will last for a long time is really a good idea for me. And black flats go with basically everything, so I really think this was a both fun and practical buy, despite the small whimsical touches on the flats. But aren’t those exactly the reasons we all love Marc Jacobs so much?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today I'm loving...

Alicia Keys' very cute outfit at the Proenza Schouler show on September 14th.
Sometimes simple outfits really are the best, and I have to say she looks gorgeous for someone who had a baby not long ago!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Latest buy: For a ladylike look for winter

I have a great houndstooth clutch (and a matching scarf) that I bought from ASOS around 4 or maybe even 5 years ago. I use it a lot during the winter (houndstooth is a pattern ONLY suitable for winter, if you ask me), but I have never really had anything to pair it with, since it is basically the only houndstooth piece I own.

So I was thrilled to see some houndstooth pieces in the Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry line. And while I do like Amy's music a lot (Fred Perry? Not so much) I normally don't go for these celebrity collections, most of them are rather boring, but I decided to make an exception for this houndstooth skirt:
It just looks so nice with black tights, and imagine dressing it up a bit with a matching (but with a smaller houndstooth pattern) clutch. Will look very cool for casual events where you still want to look stylish this winter!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today I'm loving...

Rachel Weisz's beautiful Jason Wu dress that she wore to the premiere of her new movie Deep Blue Sea.
The pattern is just stunning!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The fall trends for 2011 I'm loving

As usual, there are tons of trends for the upcoming season, and as usual, I love some of them, while I am not a fan of some others. But in order to keep this blog positive, let's skip the trends I don't like, and focus on the ones I do:

The blazers
A great way to look a bit more dressed up, no matter what you wear with them. I also love that it makes the look more tailored and structured. What's new for Fall 2011 is that there are so many blazers in materials and looks that we have never seen before. So while the blazer is a classic fashion piece, the new ways to make them, still keeps them fresh and cool.

The maxi skirts
We've seen them for summer, but they really work for fall and winter too!
(maxi skirt from the Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall 2011 collection)

The structured, ladylike looks
A la Mad Men. I have always loved these looks, so I am thrilled they are fashionable again! And I do think Mad Men has at least partly inspired several of the collections for Fall 2011 as well.

The comfy pants
Because yes, style is important, but comfort is important too. And a lot of the pants this season are really easy to wear! Gotta love that!

The colorful pants
So easy to wear (just add simple tops and accessories in neutrals, and you are good to go!) and a pop of color is always fun when it's all dark and depressing outside.
(Emilio Pucci pants from the Fall 2011 collection)

The emerald tones colorwise
I have always loved emerald as a color, so I will definitely be getting some emerald pieces this fall!
(from the Valentino Fall 2011 collection)

(all the pics are from

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today I'm loving...

... this gorgeous, very Audrey Hepburn-like Alice by Temperley dress.

I have always been fond of 50's style dresses, and this is no exception. And I have to say I am so excited that designers are creating 50's dresses again! They are so cute, flattering and instantly make you look well dressed, no matter how your accessorize them.

But modern accessories are indeed the key, if you don't want the look to be too costume-y.

Quote of the day

Always remember that, even if you are feeling a bit down!

(pic from Carin)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I'm loving...

the gorgeous Christian Dior gown Marion Cotillard wore yesterday for the premiere of her new movie Contagion.

I've always thought she is one of the most beautiful actresses of our time, and she also has that typical, seemingly effortless French sense of style that always makes her look just right. This girl really can do no wrong, it seems!

(pics from Just Jared)

Another birthday today

Birthdays just seem to be popping up by the dozen in August and February for me. So I just went shopping for yet another birthday present. Today I went for lovely Laline beauty products.
I always try to find presents I would be thrilled to be getting myself, and it seems to work pretty well...

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quote of the day

I just had a long and very meaningful discussion with a friend, about how words are really the most powerful things out there. So instead of just using things as inspiration here on Things that make me go mmmm, I think it is time to bring in some words for inspiration as well.

So I present to you: the first inspirational quote on this blog.
Look out for several more to come!

(pic from Carin)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today I'm loving...

Adele's cover of the UK Vogue issue for October.
I think Adele is incredibly talented, so it's great that she gets an opportunity like this, not to mention the cover looks amazing! Whoever did her makeup really did a great job!

Why I don't think fashion and style is silly and unnecessary

A friend of mine had been rather depressed for a while, but a while ago, she went on a rather long holiday to Paris. And when she came back, she was so much happier! And believe it or not, she says herself that her spending tons of time in the beautiful city of Paris wasn't the only reason, she also says it's because she got herself a brand new haircut and a whole new wardrobe.
And all the compliments she got for both her new hairdo and her new clothes boosted her confidence so much, not to mention how much happier she felt when she looked into the mirror and saw something she liked so much!

So whenever people tell me that fashion and style is just stupid, a waste of time and superficial (some people do think like that, after all), I think of people like her, who have experienced the transforming powers of new clothes, a change in style or just a new lipstick.

Fashion is not something that has no impact on us, no matter if we would like to think that or not!

(pics from Fashclothing and Business Etiquette Basics)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today I'm loving...

Sarah Jessica Parker in this very cute Prabal Gurung dress.
I guess there are some more new designers I have to get to know better, but I have to say, it's always fun when celebrities go for lesser known designers. That gives the rest of us the chance to find some new faves!

(pic from Just Jared)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Today I'm loving...

Keira Knightley's wonderful Mary Katrantzou dress in this picture.
I think the pattern is really cute, so my weekend project will have to be: To find out who Mary Katrantzou is, and how come I haven't heard of her before?

Other than that, I have quite a busy weekend ahead of me. Tonight I am attending a cocktail party and tomorrow I have both a birthday brunch and a baby shower (in the afternoon) to attend. But hopefully I will have some time to look into the mystery of Mary Katrantzou as well.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!