Thursday, September 29, 2011

Latest buys

I have been a huge Missoni fan for years. But what I love most about Missoni is their iconic zig zag line print in multiple colors, so when I saw that the Missoni for Target-line had several zig zag pieces, I knew I had to get at least a few of them.

And yesterday I bough my first Missoni for Target pieces, these ballet flat shoes:
as well as this cute Ruana cape:
(pics from the Ebay auctions in question)

But I have to say, there are quite a few other pieces in this line that I really like too, so it's not impossible that I will be getting something else too. I just don't think I've seen all the pieces yet. Sadly, not all of them are displayed on the Target website anymore, since they are all sold out. So I have to look through Ebay to find stuff, which basically takes ages.


  1. Weee for the flats! Those are the only things I kept out of everything I bought :(

  2. Closet Fashionista: yes, so I saw on your blog. Seems they were a good choice then! Yay!

    Daisy Chain: thanks, I hope they look good IRL too.

  3. so awesome you were able to get both!! I absolutely adore the cape!

  4. So luck you found Missoni stuff -- everything at my Target was sold out by the time I got there! Love your finds!

  5. I love the zig zag pattern too! You found some really cute things from the target line! When I finally made it to Target, most of the Missoni stuff had sold out :(

  6. Oh my god love the shoes!