Monday, September 19, 2011

Buy of the day

I have been a huge fan of Marc Jacobs’ mouse flats for years, but I have never ran into the perfect pair, at the perfect time until now, so I never ended up getting a pair, even though I really wanted one.

So far, my favorite mouse flats are still the really cute grey ones with a pink little nose. But since those are not being sold anymore, I decided to get a black pair instead.

That’s why I ordered these black Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats on ShopBop today.

I literally wear flats daily, except when it rains (it never snows where I live), so investing in high quality flats that will last for a long time is really a good idea for me. And black flats go with basically everything, so I really think this was a both fun and practical buy, despite the small whimsical touches on the flats. But aren’t those exactly the reasons we all love Marc Jacobs so much?