Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why I don't think fashion and style is silly and unnecessary

A friend of mine had been rather depressed for a while, but a while ago, she went on a rather long holiday to Paris. And when she came back, she was so much happier! And believe it or not, she says herself that her spending tons of time in the beautiful city of Paris wasn't the only reason, she also says it's because she got herself a brand new haircut and a whole new wardrobe.
And all the compliments she got for both her new hairdo and her new clothes boosted her confidence so much, not to mention how much happier she felt when she looked into the mirror and saw something she liked so much!

So whenever people tell me that fashion and style is just stupid, a waste of time and superficial (some people do think like that, after all), I think of people like her, who have experienced the transforming powers of new clothes, a change in style or just a new lipstick.

Fashion is not something that has no impact on us, no matter if we would like to think that or not!

(pics from Fashclothing and Business Etiquette Basics)

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  1. Growing up, my mother was in fashion. It might be superfluous, but damn if a great pair of shoes or a new haircut doesn't make you feel like a million bucks. If that isn't important, I don't know what is!