Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another year has come to an end, but it does not bother me. I had a great 2010 and I hope 2011 will be just as fab.

Here is wishing you all:
Much happiness..

... much cuteness...

 ... many interesting experiences...

... and many new, beautiful things in 2011!

Cheers everyone! I know I will be enjoying a lot of champagne tonight!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... another little something from Net-a-porter. This fun and very cute brass envelope necklace by Stella McCartney.

Today I'm loving...

... the fact that Net a porter is having a huge sale right now (although the only thing I wanted, an Alexander McQueen bag, sold out really fast) and this gorgeous Valentino dress:

It would be absolutely perfect for this awesome party on New Year's Eve that I am invited to!

I have to say I was honestly very sad when I heard that Valentino Garavani himself had decided to retire. But his legacy still lives on in this brand, for sure!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... another lace piece. This ALC Lace Hoodie is such a cool combination of something hip and trendy and something classic and timeless. Just gorgeous, and it would really spice up even a rather boring outfit (as seen in the pic with the jeans). Isn't that the kind of thing everyone needs for their wardrobe?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... this gorgeous Etro Floral and Paisley dress.

The colors are just so gorgeous together and the dress is simple, yet not boring. I would really love to wear this next summer!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get luxury items for your blogging!

Blogging for money has never interested me. You don't get paid very much, unless you are already famous or something, first of all, and second of all, most Paid to blog-sites look really horrible, spammy and ugly.

But I recently found out that there is a site called Luuux where you get luxury items for blogging, blog commenting and doing other things on the site. And who can say no to Christian Louboutin shoes for free...

... a free Mulberry Alexa bag...

... an Apple iPad (I know it is pretty useless for those who have a laptop, but it is fun!)...
.. and Chanel No 5?

So I joined Luuux a couple of days ago, and I have to say the community seems really nice, and I have even found some rather nice blogs there. So if anyone else is interested in getting stuff for their blogging efforts, check Luuux out! (but keep in mind that it will take you a while to get the things, unless you go for the cheapest pieces...)

You can read my latest Luuux post here, and join the site yourself as well if you want.

(all the pics are from the Luuux shop)

Monday, December 20, 2010

But shopping should not only be reserved for the weekends...

... and that is precisely the reason I went to shop at Sabon today. They have the most adorable soaps and bath products.
I got some lemon soap flakes (they smell divine!)...
some handmade soap...
some violet handcream...
and some other products I could not find pics of on the home page. Now all that is left for me to do before I call it a night, is to try all these lovely products. There are worse ways to spend an evening, don't you think?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekends are also for long breakfasts

Besides shopping, I also love eating long and luxurious breakfasts during the weekend. This is how my breakfast looked today. (I took my laptop, pink as you can see, and my pink little Moleskine, that I take with me everywhere, and went to a coffee place near my house)

Orange juice, a green salad, scrambled eggs and some dark bread with different cheeses. Really yummy!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Latest buys

Weekends are for shopping, don't you agree? This is why I went shopping for both books and clothes, my two passions, this weekend.

I can't say that I found as many great clothes that I would have wanted, but at least I found two winter appropriate maxi dresses at H&M!
I got one patterned one:

(I love the zipper)

And one black one:

(since black items are so hard to photograph, here is a pic of the zipper on the black one too)

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend too, with or without shopping!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... the Zara Evening collection. It really has some great pieces, and I do have quite a few parties coming up soon (including two weddings).
I need to get to Zara asap!

Click on the pics if you want to enlarge them.

(pics from

Today I'm loving...

... this cute Lace Kaftan sleeve Maxi Dress from ASOS.
I love maxi dresses as you know, and I am also quite a fan of lace, so this is just perfect for me. I just can't decide if I should get it in black (a classic color that is very easy to accessorize) or in mocha (more fun, but I might get bored of the color after a while), since both colors are quite stunning!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... this gorgeous Sonia Rykiel dress.

To be honest, I have never been obsessed with Sonia Rykiel, but I have a friend who is. And I can begin to see why...

Have a great evening everyone! It is incredibly cold where I am, so I am just going to curl up with a book...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... Natalie Portman's Vogue cover. She looks stunning as usual, and since I am a huge fan of Natalie Portman herself (as I blogged about here) and Vogue, I think these two fit each other perfectly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something I am thinking of getting...

I do not own anything at all from Guess. I guess it has never been a brand that really appealed to me, and I am not so familiar with it either. But lately, I have been eyeing this Guess Furious bag.

A store very close to my house is selling this bag, and it looks quite nice. But it costs $150, and it is not even made out of genuine leather. Normally, I would not have a problem paying $150 for a bag, but most bags I buy are genuine leather bags which makes it worth it for me.

Also, I have no idea what the quality of Guess bags is like. Maybe it will still hold up for several years, even though it is not made out of genuine leather, but it is so hard to say when you do not know the brand at all...

Do any of my readers have any experience with Guess items?

Today I'm loving...

... this Matthew Williamson silk-chiffon dress. I think the print is just stunning!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... the fact that Net-a-Porter sells so much more than clothes these days!

Like some of you know, I am getting married next year, so I am totally in love with these Lanvin bridal themed greeting cards:

And this gorgeous Aubin & Wills cushion would go so well with the new recliner I bought (today!):

Here is a pic of my new chair too. (It's a Lazyboy recliner in suede)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... this cool post it-pillow. You can write anything you want on it, then erase it, and write again, for as many times as you want!

Don't you just love it?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My latest Ebay buys

Does this cardigan look familiar?

Yep, that's right. I have one just like this, only in white already. I even blogged about getting it, back in February. I love this white cardigan so much, I decided to get another one too, this time a green one. It's a Calvin Klein, in a very light and soft and comfortable material. Just perfect for summer evenings! (I usually wear it with a dress or a tank top underneath)

Since the seller also sold this cute tunic, I decided to get that as well. I really need some more tunics to wear with my many, many black leggings, so this will probably come in handy.

(the pics are from Ebay)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... this adorable Matthew Williamson blouse-like top. Kind of oldfashioned, but it still looks cool. Gotta love it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The top 10 fashion myths

I have always resented rules in fashion. I think that whatever makes you feel good, is good. So while I do have some unwritten rules for myself (never wear yellow or orange, stay away from beige and mini skirts etc.), I do not think that the same rules apply to everyone. Instead, I think that everyone should make their own rules, depending on their taste, style and body.
This is why I honestly think that some so called fashion rules are really fashion myths.

These are the top 10 “fashion rules” that really should be re-named fashion myths instead, if you ask me:

1. You need to have a perfect body to dress well/wear high fashion.
I could not disagree more with this! I know a lot of people who have far from perfect bodies, but who still look great, because they know how to play up their good features and hide their flaws. FASHION MYTH!

2. You should never wear large patterns, because it makes you look fat.
Large patterns can look great, it has more to do with the look of the pattern than with the size of it, if you ask me. FASHION MYTH!

3. You should never mix silver and gold.
This is a “rule” that is really old fashioned if you ask me. I will admit that mixing silver and gold successfully can be challenging, but this does not mean it cannot be done. FASHION MYTH!
4. Matching your shoes and handbag is old fashioned and tacky.
On the contrary! I think it can make your look seem more polished. (But again, it needs to be done right, of course) FASHION MYTH!

5. Models look good in anything.
Most of them, actually do not. But they have experts help them with what they should wear and get professional help with their hair and make up too. MODEL MYTH!
6. You should never mix different patterns.
This is also pretty challenging, I admit, but I do think it can be done. You just need to have an eye for what goes together and you need to find prints that have something in common. But with some practice, most people can learn to do this as well. FASHION MYTH!

7. Never wear white shoes.
I am actually not a fan of white shoes in general, but I have seen some cute pairs. So this also, can be done, and if you really like white shoes, there is no reason to stay away from them. SHOE MYTH!

8. Never wear white pants.
This actually makes sense, because I have stained every white pair of pants or jeans I ever had, so I am not buying any more. But that said, white pants can look great! So if you are not clumsy like me, go for it! FASHION MYTH!

9. Tall women should not wear high heels.
Okay, so to be honest, this has never been a problem for me personally since I am rather short. But I do think there are plenty of tall women (models, anyone?) who look amazing in heels. So why should they not wear them? SHOE MYTH!

10. Short women should avoid long, maxi dresses and long skirts.
As I already mentioned, I am not very tall, but I still love me a maxi dress (or 20!) so this is something I really do not agree with. Wear what you like and never mind those silly rules! FASHION MYTH!

What do you guys think? Are these myths or rules to be lived by? Do you know of any other fashion myths? (I am sure these are just the tip of the ice berg!)

(pics from FabSugar, Modelinia and Goldprice)