Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today I'm loving...

... this gorgeous Skyline Gift Wrap set from Suck.uk.com that makes your packages look like tiny buildings. So pretty!
A perfect option for anyone looking to gift wrap truly unique and stunning packages, I think!

And needless to say, I will be ordering one of these sets soon myself, even though I don't have a specific recipient in mind yet...

Friday, September 18, 2015

My new Gucci sunglasses

I am one of those people who still wears over sized sunglasses, simply because I think they are the most flattering for my face, so while I admire other shapes and sizes when it comes to sunglasses (mainly cat eye), I still wear the same shape and size I have for years. So when my trusted, favorite day to day sunglasses - a pair from Dior - recently broke, there was no question in my mind that they needed to be replaced with another black over sized pair as well.

I had never owned a pair of Gucci sunglasses up until then, but when I visited a store with a large selection of sunglasses where I lived, my favorite pair happened to be a Gucci one, this one:

So far we are getting along pretty well, but it remains to be seen if I will wear these daily for as many years as I did with the Dior ones.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My current obsession

When Kenzo's by now iconic tiger print first came out, I liked it, but figured that this print is most likely something you grow tired of very soon, so I never invested in any Kenzo tiger piece, something that I now regret, as I still have not grown tired of these pieces in the slightest. Instead, I now somehow like them even more, even though I usually do not like prints like these for very long.

Luckily, it is never too late to correct mistakes you made when it comes to fashion, as I can still get some Kenzo tiger pieces of course. The question for me at the moment is not "Should I get some Kenzo tiger pieces?", but rather: "Which piece or pieces should I be getting?".

Here are some of the pieces I am considering:

- A Kenzo tiger wrist watch, as ASOS, one of my favorite online stores, has several nice ones to choose from:
* A black one is always a classic, I suppose.
* But isn't this white one really cute too?
* And blue is one of my favorite colors!
- A Kenzo tiger sweatshirt. These are somewhat of a classic, after all, and there are so many nice varieties to choose from!

(all sweater images from my Pinterest Kenzo board)

- The longer Kenzo tiger mini dress is also nice, as it is similar to the Kenzo sweatshirts, but with a twist.

- Kenzo tiger socks. (the ones in the pic are for men but surely there are ones for women out there as well?)
- A small Kenzo tiger sweater for my baby. (well, I guess technically this would not be for me, but aren't these baby Kenzo tiger clothes just too cute to resist?)

I will keep you guys updated on what I decide to get of course!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Travelling again...

... and this time actually to one of my favorite cities: London.
However, I actually got pretty sick during the trip, so I did not have as much time as I would have wanted to explore the city and do some shopping (although I did manage to visit my favorite department store Harrods at least!).
But being sick in London is not so bad. They do tea very well, after all, and they have great TV, so if you are just in your hotel room ordering room service all day there are far worse places to be than in London!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shopped: Another polka dot item!

I mentioned my current obsession with polka dot items here on the blog a while ago. And I still haven't grown tired of these little dots, which is why I purchased yet another polka dot item online just now.
I am talking about a polka dot tunic over at Modcloth, that I thought would look so cute with leggings, another summer favorite of mine, so I just couldn't resist it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Unfortunately, I really don't have enough time to blog these days, as having a child really takes much more time (thus leaving you with less free time as well) than I could have ever imagined. However, I did manage to go on vacation recently (with the baby), and recharge my batteries quite a bit.
(we had our own private pool, that we could enter straight from the hotel room!)

The hotel we stayed at is this one, in case you're curious.

So who knows? Maybe this much needed holiday will give me some inspiration to blog a bit more in the coming days as well?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today I'm loving...

This travel related t-shirt in a gorgeous color over at Modcloth.
Having become a mother, I do not always want to dress up like I did before. Instead, I am fine with more casual outfits on days when there is nothing special going on (like today!), but I don't really have a lot of t-shirts. So I do think I might do well by investing in this, especially since I do agree with the message on it very much!