Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shopped: Black Chanel blazer

Lately I have been looking for a black blazer, but not a boring one, as I already have 2 black blazers that are just too basic for me somehow. So I was looking for something a bit more spectacular to be honest. And on Ebay of all places I found the perfect blazer: A Chanel one, lightly used but in perfect condition, from the Fall 2014 collection.

That will actually be the first Chanel jacket I own. I used to think of them as rather old fashioned for a long time, so I was just not drawn to them, but I think this one is basic, but not too basic due to the little speckles and the open front. Not to mention the pretty Chanel buttons!

So I think this one will work quite well with the rest of my wardrobe...

(pics from the Ebay auction in question)


  1. Definitely a gorgeous black blazer and so much better than a basic one! Love the details. What a great find, especially since it is Chanel!