Sunday, September 11, 2011

The fall trends for 2011 I'm loving

As usual, there are tons of trends for the upcoming season, and as usual, I love some of them, while I am not a fan of some others. But in order to keep this blog positive, let's skip the trends I don't like, and focus on the ones I do:

The blazers
A great way to look a bit more dressed up, no matter what you wear with them. I also love that it makes the look more tailored and structured. What's new for Fall 2011 is that there are so many blazers in materials and looks that we have never seen before. So while the blazer is a classic fashion piece, the new ways to make them, still keeps them fresh and cool.

The maxi skirts
We've seen them for summer, but they really work for fall and winter too!
(maxi skirt from the Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall 2011 collection)

The structured, ladylike looks
A la Mad Men. I have always loved these looks, so I am thrilled they are fashionable again! And I do think Mad Men has at least partly inspired several of the collections for Fall 2011 as well.

The comfy pants
Because yes, style is important, but comfort is important too. And a lot of the pants this season are really easy to wear! Gotta love that!

The colorful pants
So easy to wear (just add simple tops and accessories in neutrals, and you are good to go!) and a pop of color is always fun when it's all dark and depressing outside.
(Emilio Pucci pants from the Fall 2011 collection)

The emerald tones colorwise
I have always loved emerald as a color, so I will definitely be getting some emerald pieces this fall!
(from the Valentino Fall 2011 collection)

(all the pics are from

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