Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shopped: More Derriere La Porte items

So while I am not in Paris, the Mekka of the brand Derriere La Porte that I just live, anymore, I can still get some stuff online from this brand, which is just what I did after having organized my closet a bit for winter. I noticed I had some gaps when it came to organization in my closet, but luckily Derriere La Porte always seems to have just the stuff I need to help out. This time it was:

A storage box for swimwear
I don't have huge amounts of swimwear, I have to admit, but I do have enough to fill this box. So that's just what I will do!

A storage box for socks

I live in a country where it is not really necessary to wear socks all year round (it's simply way too hot for it during the summer!), so it will be really convenient to be able to put the socks away for a large part of the year, I think.

I also got some more scarf boxes (I blogged about those when I got my first ones, here), as well as this cute box to keep souvenirs in.
I don't tend to buy a lot of souvenirs to be honest, but I have some small knick knacks from travels that I think will fit nicely in this box.

I also ordered this cute storage box for pasta:
The reason was that I already have this storage box for spaghetti:
So I basically wanted to have the whole set, so to speak.

I got all of these items from the online store We Are Unique, that ships worldwide. All the images in this post are from their online store too. So if you are a fan of Derriere la Porte like me, I definitely recommend giving their online store a try. They really have a lot of their stuff, from both the older and the newer collections!

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