Monday, May 13, 2013

Shopped: My new Derriere la Porte items

My love for Derriere la Porte and their adorable items is well documented on this blog (see some of the Derriere la Porte items I already have here, here and here, for example), but now I've ordered some more. I got 2 of these scarf boxes:
That matches the underwear boxes I already have perfectly, and it was on my Derriere la Porte wish list that I made a while ago, since I have quite a lot of scarves, so it seems like a really good and suitable purchase for me.

I also got this tray, where you are supposed to place your keys, your cellphone, your sunglasses and a bunch of other items when you come home and just want to drop everything as soon as you step through the door:
Quite useful for me as well, since I am currently just scattering these things very randomly all over my house when I come home. So hopefully this tray can help me break that habit!


  1. Cute tray, I find that trays are definitely a good way to display or hold little things!

  2. The dress looks pretty!