Saturday, May 4, 2013

My latest H&M haul

Yesterday, I went shopping at H&M, for the first time in quite some time, which is a bit unusual for me, since I usually shop there very often. I mostly buy basics, in different, trendy colors, though, and this time was no exception.

Some of the stuff I got was:

A pair of neon yellow flats
(I love H&M flats, as you may already know)

As well as a tank top in the same shade, from H&Ms Concious Collection
I especially like the scalloped edges on this top, they make a huge difference:
Because I have been eyeing this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for a while, and I thought both the shoes and the top would match it quite nicely if I end up getting it (which I think I will, now):
I also got a neon pink basic top (because I wanted something to match my new Paul's Boutique bag, that has a big neon pink detail at the front):

And a mint green basic top (because who doesn't love mint green these days?):

As well as a very cool kimono style blouse with lace details, in red:

(unfortunately it really doesn't photograph well at all, though!)

And a black and white striped tunic:
As well as a sleepwear set in pink and white:

H&M makes really good sleepwear, so I tend to buy at least one set each and every season. And I guess this season was no exception!

So all in all, it was a pretty productive shop stop, even though none of the pieces are really very spectacular. But you really do need basics in your wardrobe as well!


  1. Love the mint green top. You got some really great things. It's so easy to just go into H&M and walk out with bags and bags of stuff!

  2. The neon should definitely go with that Marc Jacobs bag you've been eyeing it!

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  3. Hi there! I love your pre forward thinking of getting pieces for the possible Marc Jacobs bag, hehe! I really love the neon tops, they will be lovely for summer xx

  4. I confess to being an H&M fan - i loveeeee walking into their stores.
    You picked up some great basics.