Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shopped: Paul's Boutique Lightning Elize Bag from ASOS

A co-worker of mine is a huge Paul's Boutique fan, and she has been talking about this brand for ages now. So when I saw that ASOS started selling this brand a while ago, I was really tempted to get some of their stuff too. But the rather high price, for a non-leather bag made me think about it for quite some time. But now I have taken the plunge, and finally ordered my first Paul's Boutique item, the Lightning Elize Bag:

If this bag is even close to as cute as my co-worker's many Paul's Boutique bags, I am sure I will absolutely love it! I am also thinking about getting the matching wallet, being a huge fan of matching sets and all...


  1. that bag and the top the model looks adorable~! I love ASOS too ~ so much cute stuff!

    If you have time please check out my latest posts, would love to get your feedback ~!

    Have a wonderful week!