Saturday, April 20, 2013

Like sites like Pinterest and We Heart It?

I certainly do, but one thing that bugs me about these sites is that sometimes it can be really hard to find something you really like and get it for yourself. I remember one bag especially that I saw on Pinterest and couldn't find anywhere because no source link was provided, it still haunts me to this day...
I guess I was not the only one with that kind of problem, because there is actually a new kind of pinning site, that has obvious similarities with these sites, but where each item you "pin" or "like" can actually be bought immediately through the site as well. The site is called Shopenvy, and I just discovered it the other day, but I've already found several products I like, and am thinking of getting on this site. Here are some of them:

For a full list of my likes on this site, click here. But I'm sure all Pinterest and We Heart It fans can find a lot of products of their own to like too!

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  1. Oh no, another potential site for me to get addicted to, hehe!