Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some new additions to my Derriere la Porte collection

I've mentioned the fact that I absolutely love the French brand Derriere la Porte Paris for all kinds of quirky, cool items for the house. (I've shown off some other pieces in my Derriere la Porte collection here, here and here previously)
So I am always thrilled to add more fun DLP pieces to my collection. The other day I got this cute little box for my lingerie:

And while it is rather big, it did not fit everything I have, so I think I need to get another one.

I also got a set of 3 jars, one to keep make up and beauty products in, one to keep hair accessories in, and one to keep jewelry in. What is great about these jars, however, is that you can staple them on top of each other, which means the whole thing takes very little space, gotta love that! (even though the jars can't contain all of my make up or all my jewelry, of course, but I decided to put items I use a lot in them, for easier access)


  1. Cute stuff doll!*
    Love the jars!*



  2. Aww those little storage jars are really adorable!

  3. I love little boxes and jars are so cute!!