Friday, October 25, 2013

Shopped, at ASOS again

Ok, so I know my last post was about stuff I shopped over at ASOS, on their sale. But as a matter of fact, I have been shopping on this site again, only at regular prices this time.

You see, I spotted this really cute white sparkly scarf by New Look, and felt I had to have it. Because yeah, I have a lot of scarves, but only two other white ones; an amazing Alexander McQueen skull scarf and a small (too small to wear very often) Dior scarf, so a cheapie white scarf is a great addition to my collection I would say.

I am also really into brown and tan accessories this season for some reason. It's quite unusual for me, as I generally don't like brown too much (it's a color that looks really bad on me if I wear it in clothes, so I think that's why), but suddenly I have started thinking that brown accessories can be really nice, simple and timeless. So I decided to start off with this bag, and I am planning to get a matching belt and shoes as well. But so far I only got this bag from River Island:

Let's hope my next post won't be ASOS shopping related. But given how much I like this site, I can't promise anything...

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