Friday, December 9, 2011

Currently looking for...

Winter boots. Which might sound easier than what it actually is, especially since I normally like shoes a lot. But somehow, buying bulky, really warm winter shoes is always a problem for me. I guess it is mostly because I prefer smaller and more feminine shoes in general.

But now I really need some super warm boots, like these Winter Boots, or maybe a pair of Uggs?
The advantage of the Shoe Scandal shoes compared to Uggs is however that they are a lot cheaper, which suits me just fine, since I only wear winter shoes for a few weeks a year. So spending a lot of money on winter boots doesn't really make a lot of sense from that point of view. (Don't get me wrong, I think spending a lot on shoes is completely okay if it is shoes you will be wearing a lot, but I've never really understood buying crazy expensive rain boots and other shoes you tend to wear very rarely)

But cheaper doesn't have to mean worse in any way, at least not in this case, since I know several people who have these boots, and they say they are both comfortable, stylish and durable in real life.
Ideally, I want a pair of tall boots to wear for work (so they can't be very casual) and one pair of more casual boots for weekends, morning walks with the dogs etc.

The hunt is on!

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