Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... several of the individual pieces in the Spring 2013 Anna Sui collection, even though I am not too crazy about the styling. I simply think that Anna Sui's very detailed pieces would look better if the rest of the outfit and styling were kept more simple. But the individual pieces, the details and the fabrics are amazing!

Here are some examples:
The fabric on the dress is gorgeous, and I love the shape, even though I would probably wear it as a tunic, with very slim pants, and not as a dress.
This dress would look absolutely adorable if you accessorized it in a more color coordinated way, I think!
This dress is adorable too, and I quite like the jacket too, even though I don't think they go that well together.
Another adorable dress!
And this leather jacket is just perfect! A great combination of edgy, girly and sweet!

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  1. Anna Sui's clothes are the reason I NEED to win the lottery

  2. I;ve always loved Anna Sui....but I'm really liking her jackets

  3. Anna Sui always has such beautiful designs and patterns. Her runway shows are amazing, partilculary love the last dress :)