Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 recap

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Eve. But thinking back on the year that has passed, tends to make me feel better about it all. So I thought I should try to summarize how blogging, as well as my life, as been this year.

First of all, I blogged less during 2012 than during 2011 and 2012, but 129 posts during a year is not so bad I think. But I blame the fact that I blogged less on the fact that I went on 3 rather long trips, so I was actually enjoying myself when I didn't blog. So the reasons were nice!

I went to several places I had never been before during the year, including on my honeymoon, which was wonderful. I also got into a better place financially, professionally and in many other ways than the year before, so I saw a lot of positive changes during the year. So it was a pretty good year for me, I guess!

Here are some photos I took during the year:

I also shopped quite a lot during the year, and shared some of my buys with you readers. Here are some examples:

The post that were read the most on this blog during the year were:
A post about a quote I liked
A post about floral wedge boots
A post about how I looked for brides maid's dresses
A post about skinny jeans with dots (I still love those!)
A post about how I was obsessed with neon pink in the beginning of 2012.

Most people who came to the blog using search engines, like Google, actually looked for "Chanel jacket" (I guess I've blogged about that too, at some point?), and I had readers from all over the world, which is really fun. So hi to everyone reading this in India, the Netherlands, Australia and France, for instance! (But most of my readers are from the US, so hi to all you guys, and everyone else, as well!)

While 2012 was fun, I have high hopes 2013 will be even better, and I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful 2013 as well! Happy New Year everyone! I am off to a party now! Cheers!


  1. Looks like you had a great year! Hope you have a fantastic 2013 too.

  2. love this! Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you guys! Happy New Year to the both of you as well :)