Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shopped: New shoes

Ok, so the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia heels weren't for me, but like I mentioned when I noticed that the ASOS sale had started, I will probably be getting quite a few things from there. So it came as no surprise that I decided to order two pair of basic, but useful shoes just now.

One of the pairs I got was some high top studded trainers (because I already have a similar pair that I have been wearing to death when I need trainers for some reason, and I started being bored by always wearing the same pair) with studs and some shiny side panels:

And a pair of comfy looking heels with colorful studs:

Perfect for work, because I work long hours so I can't wear the prettiest and thinnest heels while working. And something that is kind of low and wide heelwise AND cute is really hard to find, so whenever I run into something that could work, I need to get them.

Both of these pairs are from ASOS' own brand. I have some ASOS shoes previously, and I've been very happy with them, so I'm thinking I will like these too. Fingers crossed!

And let's see what more the sale will bring me, when I have some time to spare....

1 comment:

  1. Those heels are gorgeous! The coloured studs are so fun and being able to walk is always useful ;)

    Florrie c