Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shopped: Missoni wool scarf

I'm a huge fan of Missoni, and I think I've mentioned that over and over and over again here on this blog. So whenever I see a chance to get some pretty Missoni goodies for good prices, I usually jump at the chance to do just that. So it's no wonder I immediately had to order this wool scarf over at The Outnet when I spotted it:

I really can't wait to get this, while I have quite a lot of scarves, this will actually be my first Missoni one, so it'll be special for me that way! If I like it, maybe I'll consider getting some more Missoni wool scarves as well. (The Outnet has several more, in different colors, for sale too, but I ended up getting just this one to start with)


  1. I love the scarf! The print looks amazing. The colours look great.

  2. LOVE missoni!

  3. Congratulations - it's beautiful! Love Missoni zigzags, too. :)