Saturday, July 9, 2011

One of my favorite brands: Missoni

I have several favorite brands, and I thought I would write a bit about the ones I like most in the coming weeks. Most of the brands I adore, are pretty well known, but you never know, maybe I can help someone find a new brand to try at least? And if nothing else, at least it will give me the chance to tell you all about why I love these brands so much.

The first brand I would like to mention is Missoni, the Italian fashion house, based in the Italian town of Varese. Missoni started out as a knitwear company, when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni founded it in 1953, but today Missoni makes everything from knits to clothes
to shoes with companies like Converse and Havaianas

and bedding and other items for the house from Missoni Home

as well as perfume, sunglasses and much more.
And this fall, Missoni is even cooperating with Target! I think that will be the best designer cooperation for Target yet.

Why do I like Missoni so much?
I like patterns a lot, but a lot of them can look rather overwhelming and cheap, if not done right. But Missoni does it wonderfully, they seem to always get it right, both when it comes to which colors work well together and when it comes to making the shapes of the patterns themselves. So they basically give me the chance to wear patterns, that are also both timeless and classy, which is really hard to find otherwise (even though Pucci does it really well too). And no matter what kind of colors you like, Missoni will always find a cool way to combine those colors with other fun colors in the perfect way!

I actually have several Missoni pieces myself, and I plan to get more in the future too. I am also the proud owner of some Missoni towels, but I also want to add some Missoni bedwear to my collection. And maybe some Missoni shoes!

Now I am off to the local farmer's market (I love buying organic veggies and fruits there!) as well as to a designer shoe sale and the pharmacy to take a look at their perfume deals.
Have a great Saturday everyone!

(pics from The Essentialist, Fashion Amel, my own blog, Ramona and Andre Bakos)

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