Friday, July 29, 2011

One of my favorite brands: Vanessa Bruno

A lot of my friends, even the ones who are into fashion, do not know of Vanessa Bruno, but this brand is one of my absolute favorites for basic pieces, that are still fun, durable and timeless.

It's also quite popular in Paris and France, and since I am a huge fan of the Parisian style, that makes it even more appealing to me. The brand also has quite an interesting history, founded in 1996 by Vanessa Bruno, who was only 24 years old at the time. However, she was alreadt quite familiar with all aspects of fashion by then, being the daughter of a Danish supermodel as well as the founder of the French fashion brand Emmanuelle Khan.

All her pieces are generally very wearable, but they are also made in very luxurious materials, such as very good wools and silks, that feel really great on. I have always been kind of obsessed with different materials, so the fact that Vanessa Bruno only uses the best of them, is a big plus for me.

Basically, this is a brand I would highly recommend for those who want to get more familiar with the typically French style of fashion. It's not very flashy, monogrammed or expensive looking, but it is well made, timeless and gorgeous on.
I personally am yet to buy a Vanessa Bruno piece that fell apart, so all the Vanessa Bruno pieces I have, have been great investments for me.

Here is a pic of Vanessa Bruno herself, for those of you who are curious:
(all pics are from, and the pieces are from Vanessa Bruno's Fall 2011 collection)


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  2. Well made, cut and fit pieces are always more elegant than heavily monogrammed ones!
    The white blazer is a stunner, gorgeous cut.