Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My every day signature look

Signature looks might sound like something only celebrities have, but I actually believe everyone has their own signature look, because most of us tend to dress in similar pieces most of the time. So even if you are not aware of it, you too, might have signature look!

I personally know that I have an every day signature look during the weeks. I mean, sometimes I dress differently during the week too, but around 80 % of the time, I go for the same kind of look during the week, since I am too tired and busy in the mornings to start experimenting.

I normally wear my fun (and un-signature-like) pieces and looks in the evenings and weekends instead.

My every day signature look has not always been the same of course, but at the moment it seems to be:

Skinny pants or jeans (I have several black and denim pairs, but also some grey, green, red and bright blue ones)

Ballet flats (I walk a lot, so heels do not work for me during the day), I have around 20 different pairs to avoid wearing the same flats every day

Loose, flowy tops (I have some more tailored tops as well, but in order to balance out the skinny jeans, I usually go for something loosier up top. I have both romantic, patterned ones, slightly edgier tops with cool details and basic tops in neutrals)

How about you guys? Do you have a signature look for weekdays/workdays?

(pics from The Fashion Blanket and The Pitwalk)