Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purchases of the day

I didn't end up shopping as much as I thought I would today, but I did get two things at least:
A linen spray (my first, I've actually never had a linen spray before!) made by the San Francisco Soap Company and a new Moschino perfume. I am a huge fan of Moschino scents, they are my favorite brand for scents even, so I am excited to try a new one, and as for the linen spray... I wasn't really planning on buying it, but when I smelled it... I couldn't put it back!

This is how the San Francisco Soap Company describes the product themselves:
"Sunlight dances through the trees in Tuscany. A gentle breeze kisses the fragrant figs that border a vineyard, carrying its sweet exotic scent throughout the valley. Fresh clean clothes breathe in the beauty of this romantic Italian affair and retain its incomparable beauty. Our wonderful Italian Linen Linen Spray is infused with the inviting scent reminiscent of Italy"
and here is a better picture of it as well:

It's called Italian Linen, and if I do end up getting those Marimekko bedsheets I blogged about the other day, my bed will soon be almost perfect!

As for the perfume, I will be reviewing it in my beauty blog, so keep an eye on that if you want to know what I thought of it.


  1. Moschino huh? I'll have to look for it next time I'm shopping!

  2. I usually always love Moschino scents. I'll have to look for this one!!

  3. Everyone: Yes, Moschino scents are to die for, I very much recommend them! I have been using them for years!