Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shopped: Hounds tooth patterned cardigan and flats

I've loved hounds tooth patterns for years, I've always found hounds tooth to be one of the most classic patterns out there, since it goes in and out of fashion on a regular basis. But even when hounds tooth is not "in", you can always be sure it ill be super fashionably soon again, which is why I think hounds tooth patterns are always a good investment.

But the advantage of hounds tooth being trendy is of course that it's easier to find new pieces to buy. So I'm thrilled everyone is so into hounds tooth right now. It meant I could get these hounds tooth patterned skinnies a while ago (I have gotten so many compliments for these, by the way!) and two new purchases that I just made today, over at ModCloth.

The first one was a hounds tooth patterned cardigan, with some cool rose details. (I love those, they keep the cardigan from being too boring and predictable, I think)

And I also got a pair of hounds tooth patterned flats. Always a good investment, but I haven't been able to find a pair I really, really like until now.


  1. I love houndstooth! The flats are just so cute!

  2. great blog!

  3. Houndstooth is ALWAYS perfect!


  4. Def my favorite pattern of the moment.

  5. i love this design so much, i just got a skirt that got this pattern too.

  6. Hi my dear-this is such a traditionally stylish trend, these pieces are perfect for this season and I think they will look amazing on too x