Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Uh-oh! Computer trouble

My computer has been really slow for ages, but the other day, it finally crashed completely. So I ended up having to get a new hard disk, and since I am really bad at backing stuff up (it's one of those things I just keep postponing all the time, you know?), I lost a lot of photos that I didn't have time to put anywhere else, but most importantly: A lot of bookmarked websites, including stuff I was going to buy, either for myself or for friends and family for the holidays.
Really bummed out about that right now!

So I really need to get an automated system for internet backup or something! Let's just say I've been through this thing before, and I never seem to learn!

But if I look on the positive side: At least I have a good reason to scour through all my favorite online stores again, looking for all that stuff I had bookmarked! And who knows? I might run into a bunch of new goodies while doing so too!

(pic from Critteristic)

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