Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... the fact that the Finnish national airline Finnair has decided to start working with one of the most famous Finnish fashion brands ever: Marimekko, that I adore as well. (I actually have my hair wrapped in one of their towels after a shower as I write this!)
This means all Finnair airplanes will have Marimekko products in them, starting next year. Can you imagine how much more fun it will be to get your airplane food like this:
compared to how we are used to getting it? Or wrapping yourself in a pretty Marimekko blanket when you get cold?

I love this idea, and hope other airlines "go fashion" soon as well. I will definitely try to fly with Finnair to check this out as soon as I have a chance next year!

(pics from Kaikki Kauneudesta)

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