Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today I'm loving...

... the style of Joan Smalls, and by that I mean her private style of course. Of course it helps to be a super model when you get dressed, but she really has a knack for putting together amazing outfits, usually with one show stopping piece, and then something gorgeous, but understated with it. The result is really impressive, and I really think some of these looks can be recreated with high street items too, which is wonderful.

Here are some of my favorite Joan Smalls outfits:

Definitely a new style icon (well, for me anyway, I don't keep that much track of what models wear during their time off usually) to keep an eye on!

(pics from Alta Mira NYC, Glamour, Vogue, DJ Premium and Wayne Tippetts)


  1. She's gorgeous. I really love her style.

  2. Love that first outfit! That dress is crazy unique.