Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sales shopped: French Connection winter accessories

While I love the sales this time of year, they can get kind of over whelming, since there are so many items to look through, both in real stores and in online stores. So because I simply haven't had time to look through all the stuff on sale right now, I actually have shopped less in the sales than I usually do this year. But I have bought some beauty products (you can read more about those on my beauty blog, Beauty made fun, if you're interested) and I just made an order for some basic, but very useful winter accessories from French Connection, over at the ASOS sale.

I got:
A snood (my first snood, as a matter of fact, even though I have an amazing collection of other scarves already!) from their Purly Blizzard set:
Mittens from the same set
and a hat from the same set, all in black, because I have way more winter coats than I would like to admit, so I figured these would go well with them all, due to the neutral color. But actually some of the more colorful winter accessories are really nice as well, so I am think of ordering another, more colorful set too, but let's see...
Here is a close up of the material these are made of:
I really need accessories like these at the moment, because I have a winter holiday planned soon, and I actually didn't have things like these already. And I think this is what sales are actually good for: buying items you need, but don't really enjoy shopping for otherwise (I personally never look at accessories like these when I'm "doing the stores", but maybe that's just me?), because at least you don't have to pay as much for them as you would otherwise that way.


  1. These are such great winter accessories!

  2. This is really cute!
    Happy New Year :)

  3. Love it! I rely on these throughout winter-so comfy and warm! :)

    Happy New year.


  4. I love the look of snoods, but I have enough trouble with my hair as is and I can't imagine trying to get away with static head, hehe. I think your accessories will go with a ton of different colors and patterns!