Saturday, March 9, 2013

My weekend so far...

... has been rather lovely. I've had some lovely champagne, Mumm's Cordon Rouge is a really good champagne if you want something both affordable and delicious:

And I still have another bottle, of Moet & Chandon, left for tonight or tomorrow night:
I also managed to do some shopping, and get 2 new pairs of sunglasses, which I am very excited about.

These are my new Valentino sunglasses, mostly black in colored but with one cream/beige colored stripe as well:

I think I will be using these quite a lot, black sunglasses are the most versatile ones, after all.

But since the store I bought these in had a sale, with 50 % off all sunglasses, I got a more "fun" pair as well, a pair of blue Chloe sunglasses from their latest sunglasses collection:

These are not going to match as many things as the black ones, but blue is one of my favorite colors, and I think they will look great with at least blue jeans, which I do wear on a regular basis, so I hope I will get quite some use for these too!


  1. I love your sun glasses!

  2. these things make me go MMMMM too!!!!!!!


    thanks for coming by my blog! i will be back here for more MMMMMs soon! xo

  3. Hi there! Gorgeous sunglasses, both pairs will look lovely on you!