Friday, March 22, 2013

A trend I am not sure of yet

Is the denim shirt trend. But let's face it: denim shirts come in and out of style on a regular basis, so giving them a try might not be a bad idea, especially since I have been kind of drawn to denim lately. So I decided to get a H&M denim shirt to start with:

I actually liked the pearl look buttons on this one, because I think combining denim with actual pearls could be kind of cool. Sort of high end meets main street.
I haven't really figured out how I am going to be wearing this shirt yet though. Some ideas I've had is:

- Combining the denim shirt with a short black dress underneath:
- Combining it with black skinny pants:
- Combining it with jeans in a different shade of denim:
But I am sure I will be able to think of other outfit ideas eventually as well, I just need to give this some more thought. I did only buy the H&M denim shirt (my first denim shirt ever, I believe!) yesterday, after all.

(the images of the denim shirt itself are from H&M, and the outfits are from my Pinterest board Denim Shirt Inspiration, where you can find some other cool denim shirt looks as well, if you're interested)

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  1. A bleached denim shirt is fab for the upcoming spring/summer months! I sadly can no longer wear mine unless it's open all the way down the front! My bump is massive now!
    I really like the look which Drew Barrymore pulled off ages ago, with a white maxi skirt and a tan belt...
    Thanks for stopping by.