Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today I'm loving...

... this gorgeous lace suit from the Stine Goya collection for Weekday (a Swedish clothing store chain):
It's not all see through lace though, the top parts of the pants are actually lined as well, so it's not as impractical as it seems. So... practical and pretty, gotta love that!

(image from Lilis Fashion)


  1. Nice black outfit, very chic. I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & if you like, following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


  2. Mmmmmm--- lovely indeed.
    I don't think yo can ever go wrong with lace - the best part of this suit is that it is of lace used in a modern way.