Friday, March 1, 2013

Today I'm intrigued by...

... Wrangler's moisturizing jeans. Because I am notoriously bad at moisturizing my legs, I hate putting pants on after adding moisturizer, because it just never seems to sink in properly. So the Wrangler jeans, that come with built in moisturizer (and an anti-cellulite cream too, if you want that as well!) seem like they could be a good option for me.
That is, until I discovered you can't really wash the jeans, because then all the moisturizer comes off, and you need to get some kind of spray in order to 're-fill' the jeans with the moisturizer again. That just wouldn't work for me, I think, I tend to wash all my jeans (as well as any other pieces of clothing I get) quite often. So the fact that you can't wash the jeans is definitely a deal-breaker for me, otherwise I wouldn't have minded trying these jeans at all, it is kind of a cool concept after all. Especially if it does work!

(pic from Vogue)