Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today I'm loving...

...this very pretty Alexander McQueen dragonfly printed silk-blend suit, with white patterned pants as well as a jacket.
I really want to get this suit, but since I know I never ever wear suits (they just don't fit my lifestyle, I don't have a very formal job where they would be appropriate or anything) and both the jacket (that you can get here) and the pants (available here) are quite expensive, I can't think of any justification for getting these pieces. They simply just wouldn't be put to good use by me.

But a girl can always dream that some other company comes up with a more affordable lookalike set, right?

If you've seen anything even remotely similar anywhere, please let me know! This look is gorgeous, after all!


  1. I love this outfit. Can mix and match colours perfectly.

  2. This is gorgeous... although I think if i had a choice i'd place the dragonflies elsewhere..