Friday, March 15, 2013

What Spring/Summer 2013 trends I am loving right now

For spring/summer 2013, I will not be embracing all the upcoming trends, since I don't think every trend suits every person. Instead, I believe in choosing the trends that actually suit you well, and that you are naturally drawn to, so you can stay true to what's truly flattering for you, and stick to your signature style, season after season.

But some trends do appeal to me this season, and I do think I will be making some purchases in the next weeks to reflect that. Some of these trends are:

- The pearls, that we saw in the Chanel SS 2013 show, for instance.

I do think pearls will come and go out of fashion on a regular basis, and while I do have some beautiful pearl jewelry that was given to me by family members over the years, I do think some more could be fun, or why not something quirkier, like a pearl hair piece, or a clutch with some pearl details?

- Mint green, which has been a favorite color of mine for years. I think I've mentioned that several times here on this blog as well. So I am thrilled that I will probably be able to find more mint green pieces this season, it being such a trendy color this season after all.

I've already decided I will probably get these flats, for instance, that are both mint green and have some pearl details:
Isn't that convenient? I'll be able to get an item that combines two of my favorite trends this season at the same time.

I must say I am a fan of some of the other pastel colors we will be seeing this spring as well, but mint green is by far my favorite out of them.

- The black and white combo. This is such a classic combo, but I am afraid I have not been embracing it enough as of late. So this spring will be a perfect time to perfect the art of dressing in only black and white, maybe with a small splash of color added somewhere...
(images from Pinterest, here and here, as well as from Style Blueprint)


  1. Love the stripes! That's the trend I will be adopting this spring. The others just don't interest me too much.

  2. Oh that black and ivory striped dress made my heart skip a beat. It's just lovely!