Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shopped: Lanvin card set

I've been a fan of Alber Elbaz's drawings and illustrations for a really long time. They are really adorable and unique, since no other high end fashion brand has anything similar. And of course, I like them because I think Alber Elbaz is one of the best designers out there at the moment, so I'd say anything designed by him, including smaller, whimsical items, are pretty lovely for that reason alone.

I've been gushing over items that have his illustrations on them several times before on this blog, like when I saw the Lanvin nesting doll set, when I saw the bridal themed greeting cards and when I spotted the Lanvin macaroons for instance, but I must admit that my collection of Alber Elbaz illustrated items is still not as big as I would hope it was. So it's about time I start adding some more pieces to it! And luckily, I did just that this weekend when I ordered a set of Alber Elbaz illustrated cards and envelopes, that were actually sold only in Japan during a short period of time, on Ebay.
These are just too cute, if you ask me, but I highly doubt I will ever have the heart to actually use them. Anything Alber Elbaz is just too adorable to not keep yourself!

(pic from Ebay)


  1. pretty stationary / drawings! love!


  2. OMG you lucky girl!! I LOVE all his work! I doubt I'd be willing to use any of it either.

  3. You're right they are so cute :) I love the design of them!!