Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I am doing right now

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am going travelling soon, so I have quite a few things to finish up before that. But I still take the time to do some shopping, both for the upcoming fall (for some reason, buying fall items and winter stuff is always so much fun, much more fun than shopping for the summer. I have never really understood why...) as well as for my vacation. Which is kind of silly, because I am actually going to Asia, where shopping is supposed to be really cheap, so people are actually recommending me to travel there very light, with basically not much in my luggage, since I should be shopping there anyway. But since I've never been to the places I am going to, I am not really sure I will like the stuff on offer there, so I am still looking for some holiday garments online as we speak, just in case.

Old habits die hard, I guess. I've always liked both planning holidays as well as shopping for them almost as much as I like going on them. It's just so much fun to imagine what your holiday will be like!

As a part of this routine, I will also be watching movies that are set in the countries that I am going to. I don't always do this, but I try to do it when I am going to a completely new country, but only a week or two before you actually go, since it really helps you get into the mood for the holiday. And you get to see what the place actually looks like a bit more than in photos too. Tonight I will be watching the old Leonardo di Caprio flick The Beach, since one of the countries I will be going to is indeed Thailand, where the movie is set and filmed!

(the garment in the picture is from Island Importer, one of the online stores I've been checking out for holiday garments. They have a nice selection of holiday wear, but actually specialize in beach weddings, and clothes for them. Now, I won't be attending a beach wedding myself while on the trip, but since I don't like to "dress down", even on holiday, their beach wedding selection fits my holiday style quite nicely. Too bad the selection isn't bigger though!)

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