Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thinking about blogging more

When I first started blogging (way, way back. At least it feels like it now!), I was really excited about it, and I still love having a blog, where I can write down my ideas, collect things that inspire me, and more, but lately, I have had less time to blog, due to work, having a lot of events to go to, and being busy in general. But I feel kind of bad about that. I see that people still visit the blog, and I know myself how frustrating it can be when bloggers do not update their blogs, so I have decided I must get better at this. But unfortunately, I have a long trip coming up soon (read more about it here, if you are interested), so it will take a while before you guys notice any difference.

But since I have decided to put some more effort into blogging, I am also thinking about other things I can change on the blog. The blog has looked pretty much the same since I first started blogging, after all, and while I am not unhappy with the blog, I feel some kind of change could be nice.

So if any of my lovely readers have some ideas on how this blog could be improved, feel free to give me suggestions! Is there anything you would like to read more about? Less about? What annoys you about the blog? (I know what annoys me... I just checked it on my smart phone for the first time recently, and it really doesn't look that good, so create mobile website is definitely something I should consider, in case anyone else reads blogs on their phone!)

Any thoughts are basically appreciated! A lot!

(pic from Laptopskins)

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