Friday, September 14, 2012

The perfect place to buy gifts online

When I used to live close to an Urban Outfitters store (I don't anymore, I am afraid), I must admit I bought quite a few things there, so I was thrilled to discover that Urban Outfitters actually have an online store that delivers worldwide recently, since it meant I got get back to checking out their absolutely charming selection on a regular basis, and actually get the things I liked again.

So when it was time for me to start looking for some presents for some upcoming birthdays, I of course decided to check their present section out. And I must say Urban Outfitters is absolutely great for this!

I won't reveal what I actually ended up getting, since at least one of the people I bought stuff for knows about this blog, so it might ruin the surprise for her, but some of the great presents you can get for someone over there include:

Anna Sui's absolutely gorgeous beauty accessories, like this brush stand
or why not a oil control paper box, filled with blotting papers?
A very chic door mat for any Francophile you may know.
and a very adorable cut lace vanity tray. (I actually want this really badly myself!)
So if you are looking for affordable, yet unique presents for someone, definitely check the Urban Outfitters online store out! It definitely helped me get all the presents I needed really fast!

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  1. What a great idea!*
    Love the oil control paper box!*