Friday, November 5, 2010

A maybe

I am currently looking for all sorts of things for my upcoming wedding. And one of the main things I am still missing are my wedding shoes. I have decided that I want a colorful pair, in order to make a contrast with the white dress (my fiancee thinks this is crazy, by the way, since "no-one will see the shoes under a long dress anyway" but I don't care.

This is why it makes me sad that these awesome Jimmy Choos are nude colored, otherwise they could have been perfect!

(I think I want a red or moss green pair. And if you get something other than white, you can also wear the shoes tons after the wedding too, which is great if you are cashing out on a pair of Louboutins or Choos anyway)


  1. I loved the idea of coloured shoes too but now I'm leaning more towards an ivory coloured pair, possibly Jimmy Choo or a bespoke pair from Emmy (THE most divine shoes). I can always dye them red afterwards!

    I love the sound of moss green though, vey opulent and rich.


  2. That fiance, always with the realistic attitude! I love the idea of blue wedding shoes, although I must admit that nude pair is pretty striking!