Monday, November 1, 2010

How I afford the occasional splurge item

I have always had champagne taste but I used to have a real beer budget before, when I was still in university. I used to hate it at the time, but having to budget taught me how to be able to afford luxury items even on a budget, which is something that still comes in very handy now that I am working.

I have tons of friends who tell me that they simply cannot afford designer items, and they always wonder how I do. Since I am guessing there might be others out there in cyber space with the same problem, I thought I would share my tips on how to be able to afford luxury items from time to time, with little effort:

1. I save all my change.
This really does not sound like it will make any difference, I know. I used to think that way too, but then I decided to try this old method (basically a piggy bank, but I put my coins in plastic bottles instead, because then I can't get the money out without cutting the bottles open) and noticed that all that change, that pretty much annoyed me when it was just in my wallet, weighing a ton, really adds up!

So if you start saving your change, every day, you might very well be able to buy something a little bit more expensive in a year.

2. I save small bills.
I also put aside small bills. The method is basically the same as with the change, but I like saving small bills too, since they obviously add up faster.

3. I have a small automated savings account just for splurge items.
You do not need to save a lot for handbags, shoes or whatever it is that you are into, because that does not make much sense, but even if you save $20 a month, it will add up very fast if you do it for a while!
I choose to automate all my savings, including my splurge savings, because then the savings are automatically taken from my salary when I get paid, and if I never even see the money, I do not miss it.

So I highly recommend automating your savings!

4. Shop the sales!
The online luxury stores have great sales every once in a while. Learn when they are, and only buy luxury items in the sale, since they really are so much cheaper then!

(the pic illustrates my dream luxury item, a Bottega Veneta bag, that I have still not gotten. But I am already saving up for it! The pic is from Butterboom)


  1. Great advice! I generally save a chunk of my monthly salary and all my luxury buys are usually from seasonal sales or sample sales (unless I know a piece is a classic that won't ever be discounted). I also think that curbing spending on less expensive items you don't need helps. If you think about it, for the price of three Zara coats you can get one from a higher end designer that will last you much longer.

  2. What wonderful advice! My mother always taught me to buy smart-which means an expensive, high quality piece will last you much longer than a cheap one. I've always shopped with that in mind, and find that I have everything I really need (plus plenty of things I wanted)!

  3. great tips ...saving for an item makes you treasure it even more!

  4. That how I do it too! I save all my change in a piggy bank my boyfriend gave ME. The pig is so cute, pink and glittery that I'm scared of breaking it, so I just put money in it and leave it alone. Then I have another piggy bank that is where I keep the smallest change coins that are unworthy of my pink piggy bank. I exchange those for bills and then they go into the pig lol

  5. Thanks everyone for sharing your savings tips, I am glad there are other fashionistas out there doing this too :)