Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facing a fear

Can you believe these photos have been taken at a swamp?

I have never really liked swamps, in fact I have always been rather scared of them, so I am amazed by how much I like these photos (from Decadence Party of Two). They are just beautiful, but not in a conventional way, which I love.
I mean, it is rather easy to make a castle look beautiful and romantic, but it is much harder to make a swamp of all places look attractive and suitable for a fashion shoot.


  1. the swamp looks like a little lake, such beautiful pictures!


  2. Behind my parents' home there is a preserved wetlands that looks just like this! While it's not always my favorite place, these photos are absolutely stunning.

  3. so cool! love these beautiful shots...the colors are amazing! thanks for sharing

    xoxo Haleigh @ BB

  4. Wow, the colors are just beautiful!

  5. So moody, I love em.

    Swamps are kind of spooky, aren't they?